100 word challenge

…”when did it arrive” I said. Court said “around 5:45” “I MISSED THE ICE CREAM TRUCK” I screamed. I don’t know why they didn’t tell me but I was going to get revenge… so later when we were riding our bikes I turned Court and Objects bike front wheel 0.00000000000000000000002 degrees, I know, I’m very evil when it comes to missing the ice cream truck, but then Water Bottle came out from behind a tree and started multiplying when there was 1000000000000000000000000 Water Bottles that were barking. So then next thing I knew we all started multiplying then we were all disco dancing.

100 word challenge

As Court walk threw the misty forest he saw a crimson looking liquid on a tree, it was kool aid! Court freaked out and thought it was blood but then the kool aid came crashing through the tree and then water bottle climbed under the kool aid man and knocked Court down. Then Court saw a grave that said rip potato man. Then the kool aid man shouted franiticaly,”OH NOOOOOOO”. Then Court started multiplying and soon there was 64664478875465  Courts. And then they had a disco dance party. And then object came out from swimming in a pool of kool aid.

Middle school transition

I am excited to go to E. Russel, Hicks because o f there rules. 1 there is a HUGE lunch menu that is kind of like food court but with no restaurants, there a pizza selection sandwich section and Chinese food, yes, Chinese food… another thing I am looking forward to is tech ed, computer work, or programming, I want to code things because I think coding is really fun. I’m not looking forward to having to remember my locker number, i have a bad memory and it would be hard for me to remember.


Weird but true book reflection

Since I was reading a weird but true book I can’t share what happened but I can share the facts  I learned while reading it.

the co-inventor of the cotton candy machine was a dentist.

Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.

Kentucky fried chicken is a popular Christmas Eve dinner in Japan.

For 1k dollars you could buy a cupcake with 2 coats of edible gold around it.

turnips could weigh nearly as much as a normal 8 year old kid.👍

in some country’s states its illegal to carry ice cream in you pocket.

it takes 25 tomato’s to make a 14 ounce bottle of ketchup.

BaskinRobins once made ketchup flavored ice cream.

there is enough marshmallow peeps to circle the globe twice made every year but not all of them are sold.

onions are poisonous to cats and rhubarb is poisonous to dogs, so keep those away from your pets.

the colors red and yellow combined can make you hungry so that’s why famous restaurants use those colors like mc Donald’s. (Also plain red can make you hungry)

in 1946 miners would trade gold for potato’s during gold rush’s.






Free sunglasses posts 😎

There should be free sunglasses for people who don’t have any, I mean, you would walk around an there would be other posts to return them and take them. Especially it would be useful for people like me with very sensitive eyes. It’s very common to be born with sensitive eyes.

The bill of rights

The bill of rights is important because if we didn’t have it we couldn’t have all the rights we have today.

amendment 2. Your right to own a gun.

You can own a gun but you have to have license and permit own one. Self defense.

Google AR

In google AR (augmented reality) You can go inside of things like volcanoes and tornadoes. If you want to get close to it then you have to walk towards it. When you use it you can see the thing you are looking at in the world in front of you.

Earth Hour

At the hour in that day you turn of your lights and make noise to take part. Earth hour is like earth day for an hour, but it can be a bit different.

Earth day                                    Earth hour

No            Turn off lights            Yes

Yes            Clean outside             Yes

No            Make noise                 Yes

Yes       Everyone takes part     No

Yes  Everyone knows about it No

Earth hour and Earth day are different. Earth hour doesn’t last as long people do as much as they can. Me and my family celebrates earth hour and when I’m playing video games at that time I’m sitting in my room in the dark because we have to have the lights off. You should celebrate too.


Earth hour is on March 24 and starts every 8:30pm to 9:30 pm








Ok goodbye 👌





100 word challenge

One day I was playing video games with my friend and all of a sudden I heard him calling for help, I looked out the window to see him on top of a really tall tree… but how did he get up there? Then I saw giant flying potato’s that he said carried him up there, I called the fire department but their ladders weren’t long enough so then one of the potato’s went up and rescued him. Then all of a sudden  the potato’s grew legs and started dancing. The experience was wonderful, so every one started dancing. Dance…


today we learned about volume. Volume is the measure of a 3d shape. To find volume you multiply length, width, and height. Volume is pretty easy to find. You can count squares into a shape to find volume.

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